Hello, I'm Louise - here I am looking happy next to a Rainbow. I think I was smiling so much because I had never seen such a big Rainbow. I'm also smiling because my dad wanted to call me Rainbow when I was born, so seeing one always makes me think of that. Although it was a lovely idea, I am very glad he didn't. I think people might be dubious trusting someone with their emotional wellbeing, with a name like Rainbow...

Louise it is!

I have called this website Creatively Calm because my background is in The Arts. Having always loved The Theatre and the ability it gave me to escape, explore and express myself, I went on to train professionally as an actor. I continue to work in this field, predominately creating and leading arts education workshops, using drama to help people become the best versions of themselves. I also make theatre with my company Think Light Theatre, creating work that focuses on the emotional, social and mental wellbeing of people and communities. 

Acting gave me a brilliant chance to 'walk in lots of people's shoes' and wonder how they might be feeling and thinking: it also gave me a lot of space to explore my own inner world. During drama school this meant that negative experiences I had lived through as a child rose to the surface, and ultimately became overwhelming. Eventually this led to a panic attack and a year of anxiety (although I wasn't quite sure what was happening to me at the time). Amidst a lot of searching for help from doctors to homeopaths, I was introduced to EFT -  a saving grace for me - and one I am hugely grateful for. 


Seven years in to my own personal journey with EFT, I combined my skills in communication, workshop leading and interest in holistic health and education to train as a practitioner with my wonderful teacher and mentor Martine Moorby, I am now developing my own client base as a practitioner in Berkshire and across the country via Skype. (Training recognised and accredited by AAMET:Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques)

Alongside my work as an EFT practitioner, I am currently completing an MA to become a dramatherapist (University of Roehampton, I will graduate in 2019) and I look forward to combining two of my biggest passions to become a well rounded therapist. 

Shakespeare said 'All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players' - and in a sense we are all actors - we all go through life playing parts: at work, socially, within our families. But what if you don't like the part you are playing right now? Maybe you feel like you don't have a choice - you've been dreadfully miscast! - and this part has now become your identity? Maybe the same negative scenes keep playing out for you and you don't know why - or maybe you feel powerless to stop them?

I invite you to come and and try EFT, as a tool to begin understanding how you can potentially shift things for yourself, in a safe, open and supportive environment

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